Eco Digital Implant

DIOnavi surgical procedure

DIOnavi. treatment way

DIOnavi. system is optimal system which can be done without inconvenient procedure of analog impression by converting implant medical treatment to digital data.

Through virtual operation procedure though 3D computer, DIOnavi system decreases danger of implant surgery by checking patient's bone tissue and nerve position for planning the optimal surgery procedure and making customized surgical guide.
All of DIOnavi procedure takes only 10~20 minutes (1~2 unit)

DIOnavi. digital surgery process

DIOnavi. surgery is planned after 3D computer simulation surgery is done, and it is up-to-date digital navigation implant surgery done with minimal incision and little pain in short time.

Not only the mock implant surgery plan that considered the occlusion and stress dispersion, but 3D simulation that can be used as a counseling material for the patient is provided. The doctor can establish a satisfactory treatment plan and with a provided surgical guide, He can operate a safe and accurate procedure.

  • History Taking
    The patient has history of general disorder such as high blood
    pressure and diabetes, slight paralysis due to stroke,
    and uses full dentures with only one canine tooth which is wobbly.
  • Scan Aligment
    Align the CT data and trios oral scan image
  • Virtual Crown set up
    place the virtual crown for the optimum implant position
  • Simulation
    Modify the tooth placement and design and obtain
    the best occlusal status.
  • Implant Planning
    Consider the crown location, design, occlusion, bone density and
    nerve location set the optimal implant location.
  • Implant Simulation
    Check the implant occlusion and path that considered a prosthetic
    relationship in a top down method
  • Surgical Guide design
    Surgical guide is automatically designed adjusted to the planned
    implant placement location, and exact placement direction and
    location can be confirmed.
  • Finish Design
    The optimal surgical guide design that considered patients'bone
    density, prosthetic location and occlusion relationship is compledted
  • Implant Surgery
    Procedure case that used DIOnavi surgical guide
    This is a CT image of the implant that is placed exactly
    on the spot it was planned

Greatest accuracy and stability

Through implant planning that considered occlusion and stress dispersion, DIOnavi Digital Implant System increases the accuracy of the implant treatment and enabled 3D simulation that is used for patient counsel purposes.

  • Digital Diagmosis
  • Digital Impression
  • Planned implant treatment
  • Customized prosthetic
DIOnavi. Treatment
Implant can withstand the highest load because the crown is designed first in consideration of occlusion and stress diversion followed by fixture placement

Normal Treatment
Due to the fact that it is difficult to adjust the center of the implant and crown, the load is not effectively dispersed and this may lead to prosthetic fracture of failure of implant placement.